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Catton Parish Council Minutes

Minutes October 2012


The Minutes of the Meeting of the Catton Parish Council held in the Catton Village Hall at 7.30 pm Thursday 4th October 2012.

  • Present: The Chair Councillor G Peel and Councillors S Sharpe, T Stevens, A Rawlings, R Morley and C Merry. Councillor S Lane arrived at 8.00 pm.
  • The minutes for the meeting of 6th September 2012 were confirmed as correct and signed. Matters’ arising there from to be dealt with under the relevant heading of the Agenda as the Agenda is progressed.
  • Declaration of Interest. The Parish Council (model Code of Conduct) Order 2012.
    • To record any declarations of pecuniary interests by any Member in respect of any item on this agenda. There were no declarations of pecuniary interests.
    • To record any declarations of non-pecuniary interests by any Member in respect of any item on this agenda. Councillor Peel declared a non-pecuniary interest in Item 10, Royal British Legion.
    • Open Forum.
      • There were no members of public present.
      • East Riding of Yorkshire Council Items of Interest. The Clerk is to draft a letter to send to the three Ward Councillors regarding the document which has been prepared highlighting the poor state of the parish roads. The letter is to seek clarification on the budget available for road repairs whilst also seeking support for the Parish Councils proposals. Ward Councillors will also be asked to chase for confirmation from ERYC regarding the gateway markings for High Catton. Councillor Lane advised when he joined the meeting that three meetings would be held in November to discuss the salting routes for this winter. Councillor Lane has spoken to Dave England to request that the blocked drain in Low Catton be jetted but the work has still not been undertaken; he will continue to chase for a swift resolution. A resolution was passed at the ERNLLCA AGM regarding the new Code of Conduct; they will seek to change the decision to make Parish Councillors declare the interests of their spouse/partner.
      • Planning. There were no matters for discussion.
      • Highways and Footways.
        • Village Taskforce. The roads were sprayed with weed killer by the Taskforce Team on 18th September.
        • High Catton speeding issues. There has been no progress on this matter since the last meeting.
        • Environment and Community Matters.
          • Community Involvement. There were no matters for discussion.
          • Community Partnership Forum. The document has been prepared and includes photographic evidence of the state of the parish roads whilst also highlighting the speeding issues; it will be copied and bound and taken to the next meeting which Councillors Peel and Merry will attend.
          • Community Led Parish Plan. Councillor Sharpe advised that two projects had been suggested to the committee for High Catton; the viability of these was being assessed. The installation of benches is also being considered.
          • Nursery Court. The Clerk has received a letter from Yorkshire Water confirming that they have no plans to provide sewerage for areas remote from the public sewer network. The Clerk is to write to Chevin asking for an update on the schedule of works as the original completion date was the end of August and to date no work has been started. Councillor Lane joined the meeting.
          • Parish Website. Councillor Sharpe proposed that the quotation from Maseys to design a new website for the Parish Council be accepted, this was seconded by Councillor Peel and the proposal carried. The Clerk and Councillor Merry will work with the web designer to plan the content and also start to approach local organisations to become involved.
          • Victorian Street Lamps. Councillor Stevens has a possible new contact to survey the lamps.
          • Education. Mrs Docwra has contacted the Clerk advising that she is trying to make contact with Dave Boden of ERYC regarding possible spaces on the school bus.
          • Finance. Payment was authorised on the following accounts:
            • K Robinson – Clerk salary October – £227.46.
            • K Robinson – Clerk expenses June – September 2012 – £48.88
            • Audit Commission – Audit Fee 2011/2012 – £144.00. Proposed by Councillor Lane and seconded by Councillor Sharpe.
            • Royal British Legion – £25.00. Proposed by Councillor Morley and seconded by Councillor Merry.
            • Local Grants Fund.  The Clerk and Councillor Peel will annotate a map to show where the salt bins are to be placed. The Clerk is to contact Mr Nightingale and ask for a quotation for salting and clearing the roads this winter for consideration at the November meeting.
            • Communication. There will be no entry in the October edition.
            • Councillors Questions.
              • Councillor Morley asked Councillor Lane whether he had reported the large pothole outside Mr Bedfords house; he hasn’t but will report it this week.
              • Councillor Sharpe asked that the Parish Council seek to clarify whether the hedging which was removed from the front of The Paddocks was supposed to be replaced; the works have not yet been completed so the situation will be monitored.
              • No approaches have been made to the Parish Council to address a meeting by the candidates standing for election as Police Commissioner.
              • Administration Matters.
                • Correspondence Received. Councillor Peel gave details of the new Sure Start Scheme which has started in the library in Stamford Bridge; the Clerk will put the poster on the notice board.
                • Councillors agreed to remove notices advertising businesses which are on the Parish Council side of the notice boards.
                • The telephone kiosks have still not been painted and will now have to wait until March 2013.
                • The next meeting will be held on 1st November 2012 at 7.30 pm in Catton Village Hall. As there was no further business the meeting was closed at 9.10 pm.

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