East Riding of Yorkshire

Minutes September 2012

Minutes September 2012


 The Minutes of the Meeting of the Catton Parish Council held in the Catton Village Hall at 7.30 pm Thursday 6th September 2012.

1. Present: The Chair Councillor G Peel and Councillors S Sharpe, T Stevens, A Rawlings and C Merry. The Clerk advised that Councillor Lane would be joining the meeting later. Councillor Peel welcomed Councillor Rawlings to the Parish Council.

2. The minutes for the meeting of 2nd August 2012 were confirmed as correct and signed. Matters’ arising there from to be dealt with under the relevant heading of the Agenda as the Agenda is progressed.

3. Declaration of Interest. The Parish Council (model Code of Conduct) Order 2012.

To record any declarations of pecuniary interests by any Member in respect of any item on this agenda. There were no declarations of pecuniary interests.

To record any declarations of non-pecuniary interests by any Member in respect of any item on this agenda. Councillor Lane declared a non-pecuniary interest in Item 7, Planning.

4. To co-opt a new Councillor. Councillor Stevens proposed that Mr R Morley be co-opted onto the Parish Council; this was seconded by Councillor Sharpe and the proposal carried. The relevant forms of acceptance were signed.

5. Open Forum.

Mr Barry Harrison addressed the meeting by thanking the Village Show Committee on putting on such a successful event. He went on to update Councillors on the work currently being undertaken by the Parish Plan Committee. Costings are being sort to provide two tree seats for the villages along with a quotation to supply a bike rack to be installed at the end of Long Lane to enable residents to ride to the bus stop on the A1079. He requested that the Parish Council ask for a speed reduction from 60 mph to 30 mph on the road from Low Catton to Stamford Bridge. The stretch of road by Smackdam Bridge would benefit from better road signage to indicate where the road starts to narrow. Councillors agreed to highlight these concerns through the Community Partnership Forum.

Councillor Lane joined the meeting. Sarah Gilbertson was welcomed to the meeting to discuss the website. A prototype website with a new logo was shown to those present and SG talked Councillors through the next step. A proposal has been drafted which is included in the months information folder. It was suggested that a committee should be formed to meet once everyone had seen the proposal to carry this forward. Councillor Peel thanked SG for the work she had already done and for coming to the meeting.

6. East Riding of Yorkshire Council Items of Interest. Councillor Lane had no matters for discussion.

7. Planning.

12/03638/PLF Erection of first floor extension to rear at 3 Appletree Cottages, Main Street, Low Catton for Ms Sarah Hales. Application type: Full Planning Permission. The plans were viewed and Councillors recommended approval.

12/03640/PLF Erection of two storey extension to rear at 2 Appletree Cottages, Main Street, Low Catton for Mr Ray Hales. Application type: Full Planning Permission. The plans were views and Councillors recommended approval.

Notice of Decision

DC/11/04242/CLE/WESTWW/JMILNE Certificate of lawfulness for continued use as a domestic garden at land south of 59 Fossway, Stamford Bridge for Mr Eric Johnson. The application has been deemed as lawful.

8. Highways and Footways.

Village Taskforce. The Clerk advised that the village taskforce team will remove the Concealed Entrance sign on the triangle at Low Catton. Mr Connor has requested that the potholes be filled; he is waiting for confirmation as to whether the team can do this as it is outside the boundary for the Taskforce. Councillor Lane will chase for the gully to be cleared in Low Catton. The Clerk is to report the issue of grass growing on the road on Mitchel Lane.

High Catton speeding issues. There has been no progress on this matter since the last meeting.

9. Environment and Community Matters.

Community Involvement. Councillor Merry will contact British Telecom to honour their commitment of painting both the kiosks in October.

Community Partnership Forum. Councillor Merry attended the meeting on 6th September in Wetwang and gave a summary. He brought up for discussion the on-going issue of speeding on the approach roads to High and Low Catton along with the poor state of the roads. Councillors Peel and Merry and the Clerk are to meet on 17th September to take photographs of the potholes; these along with a letter outlining the issues faced within the parish will be sent to the three Ward Councillors and used at the next Community Partnership Forum meeting on 25th October.

Community Led Parish Plan. There were no matters for discussion.

Nursery Court. The work planned to start in September by Chevin has been delayed due to a problem with the permissions not being in place. Councillor Lane has been in touch with the relevant departments at ERYC. The Village Hall Committee has received a cheque for £350 FROM Chevin towards the roof fund.

Parish Website. The information prepared by Sarah Gilbertson is in the Information Folder for September.

Victorian Street Lamps. There were no matters for discussion.

Dog Waste. The Clerk has still not received a response from ERYC. This item will be removed from the agenda.

Beverley Market Place. A discussion was held following receipt of an email from Mr Hemmerman regarding the proposed plans to spend £2.5 million on Beverley Market Place. Councillor Lane advised that this money had been allocated six years ago but was not spent as agreement could not be reached on the plans; the funds were therefore spent elsewhere. Now that agreement is in place the money has been made available. Councillor Sharpe expressed her concern that funds were being spent on this project when the roads were in such a poor state of repair. Councillor Lane responded outlining that money had been spent on A1079, A166 and works are about to start in Stamford Bridge. Councillor Lane confirmed that he would continue to support the case for a reduction in the speed limit on the approaches to Catton through his role as Ward Councillor. Councillor Lane left the meeting.

10. Education. There were no matters for discussion.

11. Finance. Payment was authorised on the following accounts:

K Robinson – Clerk salary September – £227.46.

Glasdon – Salt bins – £386.87. The Clerk is to chase ERYC for confirmation on the siting of the two bins.

Local Grants Fund. After the purchase of the two bins £702.60 is remaining.

The Clerk is to arrange for a new mandate form.

12. Communication. There will be no entry in the September edition.

13. Councillors Questions. There were no matters for discussion.

14. Administration Matters.

Correspondence Received.

Councillor Peel proposed that the updated Code of Conduct be adopted by the Parish Council; this was seconded by Councillor Stevens and the proposal carried.

The next meeting will be held on 4th October 2012 at 7.30 pm in Catton Village Hall. As there was no further business the meeting was closed at 10.00 pm.


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