East Riding of Yorkshire

Parish Councillors

Parish Councillors

The Parish Council is made up of seven Councillors from High and Low Catton.

They are as follows:

Name Address
Richard Blanchard
The Cottage, Low Catton, York, YO41 1EA
Russ Morley  Vice Chairman Jesselton House, Low Catton, York YO41 1EA
Michael Clark 9 Nursery Court, Low Catton, York, YO41 1RN
Kevin Heath Westfield, Primrose Hill, High Catton, YO41 1EE
Chris Merry Midsummer House, High Catton, York. YO41 1EH
Gordon Peel Northcot, 7 Main Street, High Catton York.
Y041 1EL

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