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 Catton Parish Oil Syndicate

The Oil Syndicate has been running in the parish since July 2011. It was initiated as one of the proposals in the questionnaire for the Village Plan. At that time just 12 residents said they might be interested.

The objective was to try and reduce the price of oil to each household by collective buying and at the same time reduce the monetary outlay per delivery by arranging smaller quantities. This has been achieved and the suppliers base their price on the total quantity being ordered by the syndicate at one go, and this price is passed to each member for their individual order. A minimum quantity of 500 litres does apply.

The value to the supplier is that he reduces his distribution costs in terms of lower diesel usage whilst executing several orders in a smaller geographical area. The current area is the whole of Cattons Parish and more recently includes Stamford Bridge, where we have several members.

As a price comparison, a 500 litre order within the syndicate of 10,000 litres would save an average of 4/5 pence per litre against a one-off order for a similar amount.

The membership now stands at 43 and is continuing to grow. Anyone wishing to join should contact Ken Sharpe on 01759 373133.

We have recently received a certificate from Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council for our contribution to Greener Villages Case Studies.


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